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Changemaking 2000 Schools with Arduino in Bangladesh

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The Largest Community of Arduino in Bangladesh
Arduino is a new way to learn programming and electronics hardware. With Arduino, school students are learning programming with fun.

Also they are learning about electronics hardware.  Their journey in the world of physical computing starts with Arduino Community Bangladesh.

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We are working from 2 Years


We do workshops on Arduino! 


Our Goal is to have impact on people.


Arduino Community Bangladesh Online Hardware Lab

People say, buying hardware parts is costly. So students are discouraged to "waste" money in electronics hardware. Considering the economic condition of students in our country, they can not buy all the kits themselves. Arduino Community Bangladesh (ACB) came up with an innovative idea to deal with this problem. We built a crowd-sourced "ACB KitLab". The young students can borrow the kits they need for their hardware projects. All they need to do is just to register as a member with tk 500/year. Thus they get access to hundreds of hardware parts prices ranging from TK 100 to TK 10000.  

The Campus Ambassador Programme

In order to reach 200000 students from 2000 schools, ACB needs a huge workforce. As Arduino Community Bangladesh (ACB) is a totally non-profit organization, we are calling for volunteers who would serve the dream as Campus Ambassadors (CA). Campus Ambassadors will get premium access to all the learning resources of ACB. They will be honored in all the local and national events organized by ACB. They will also get occasional gifts. Campus Ambassadors main responsibilities will be to spread the messages of ACB. They will also organize and conduct events in their school, college, madrasha or university.

Voluntary Courses and Workshops of Arduino in Schools,Collages and Universities

ACB team conducted 10 workshops in year 2017 and 2018. The workshops were fully free. Dreams For Tomorrow, an organization working for Leadership, Value and Dream, helped ACB buy kits for the workshops. .

Creating Arduino Education Material in Local Languages​

We are creating books, online tutorials, videos in local language for learning arduino.

We Celebrate Arduino Day!​

Arduino Day Bangladesh is the signature event of ACB. Tech enthusiasts around the country are invited to celebrate the day with Arduino Community Bangladesh.

We are a Large Platform to Innovate and Changemake​

We dream to encourage 200000 school students of 2000 school to learn Programming, Electronics, Robotics and IoT.We dream to make ACB the largest tech-community in Bangladesh.

Impact Stories

Though at the beginning it was pretty easy for me to cope with the basic arduino projects, as there are various online sources available. But when it comes to totally new projects , personally i suffered a lot. Not enough tutorials / sources were found. So, i had to do all the tasks all by myself and they went horribly wrong. Here "Arduino community Bangladesh " was really helpful for me. It was like finding a drop of water in the desert . posted about my project and look what!!!..Icame to know that there were many people around whom were facing the same problems as well. so we helped each other..
Shahriar Rahman Shaon
From my childhood, I dreamt of making things that would operate on my wish. So in a science fair I wished to make a drone but all what I came up with was nothing but a model of drone. So I started thinking how I can make controlable things , then i knew about Arduino and Arduino community of Bangladesh And my journey started. The community is making resources in bangla, arranging workshops, spreading problem solving mindset to all over the country. Why? They are doing all these so that our dream can fly like a drone without any boundary. 'Love' is the only thing that I can give them for changing my life and shaping my dream.r dapibus leo.
Walid Hasan Supprov
A School Student
Arduino Community Bangladesh' is best community in our country to learn and discuss about embedded. As a academic student, we learn about many sensors, switches, LEDs etc as theory but we don't get any practical knowledge. From here, we can learn, make and share about many types of awesome arduino projects which will help us to know about the practical knowledge. I hope this community will create a great impact at the upcoming world of Robotics and IoT.
Akif Islam
Arduino Newbee

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Arduino Community Bangladesh is a non-profit organization working hard to spread tech-education in Bangladesh. If you care about technology, and if you feel that school students should learn tech-skills like programming, electronics, robotics and internet-of-things, PLEASE DONATE US. You can donate us using bKash, Rocket or DBBL Bank. We guarantee you that your money will be best utilized to spread tech-education among the students of Bangladesh. Rocket: 01718787515-1 Bkash: 01834-236671 Bank: DBBL, Account Name: Md. Munem Shahriar, Account No: 161.105.5990

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